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Blueink Studio’s mission is to support clients in the product developing process, with a strategic and proficient approach. Starting from raw material sourcing, through design,  product development and production management.
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Our services.

Blueink Studio offers several services, which involve all steps of the production process: starting from textile R&D, design and product development, through prototyping and sampling processes, including 3D and 2D pattern making to complete all project steps.

01. Textiles
02. Apparel
03. R&D and project development
04. 3D Project

Our products.

Blueink Studio develops a wide range of apparel products, such as: high performance technical garments for equestrians and racing sports, contemporary fashion collections with sustainable and ecological features and top-quality products for luxury brands with specific needs.

Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Blueink Studio social responsibility is characterized by a contemporary sensitivity towards the respect of both people and environment, preferring sensible practices that aim to protect their features. Blueink studio adopts suistainable pratices throughout theri processes and supply chain, selecting and collaborating with certified and internationally qualified partners. An ethical and trasparent approach is guaranteed through the standards required by sector certifications.

  • SGS Certifications
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • BSCI

Sustainability and Research.

Blueink Studio is devoted to researching of new technologies in textiles and product development: starting from brand-new high-tech fibers, experimental eco-friendly dyeing processes and pioneering news tecniques for fabric finishing.

The research is focused on the latest generation production processes with sustainable practices, devoted to preserving and respecting our environment and raw materials. Blueink studio believes that sustainable pratices will ben the main guide for industrial processes in the near future and invests in new technologies, experimenting with recyleced fibres and textiles, antibacterical material and highly innovative biodegradable fabrics.


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